A Prayer for Bangladesh

A Prayer for Bangladesh
14 October 2013

God of all creation, we pray for Azim, a Hindu cobbler working in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Every day, on the side pavement of a crowded city street, he props up a small plastic awning, lays out his shoe repair tools, brushes, and bottles of polish, then waits for customers. For a place to sleep at night, he shares a single room with three other men also trying to make a living in the capital city. Only once every couple of months can he afford to visit his wife and children in his distant rural home. Lord, help Azim bear the hardships of living and working in Dhaka. Give strength and hope to him and all those who live as impoverished minorities in Bangladesh. We pray in the name of the One who gave his life for all. Amen.

Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Mission Co-Workers / Bangladesh


Prayer for Bangladesh June 10, 2013

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Friends,

We returned to Bangladesh last week and are today beginning again to write a weekly Prayer for Bangladesh.  …..   Attached is a prayer for the week of 10 June 2013.  Thank you for joining us in this ministry.  We gained much strength seeing many of you during our travels in the U.S.


Les and Cindy



O God of all consolation, comfort the family of Saddam, an eighteen-year-old Bangladeshi garment worker, who, after suffering for ten months with leukemia, died on April 29th.  Console his mother as she prepares to honor him this week with a special 40th-day ceremony.  Strengthen his 15-year-old brother, also in the garment industry, who has now become the family’s primary wage earner. Bestow your grace upon his 11-year-old sister, who sews neck seams on shirts for export.  And nurture his youngest sister, now in second grade.  Lord, pour your consoling love upon this family grieving in the midst of their struggle to survive, and welcome Saddam into the comfort of your eternal embrace.  We pray in the name of the One who gave his life so that all may live.  Amen.

Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Mission Co-Workers / Bangladesh

A note from Anna Gnann – one of the pilgrims from First Presbyterian Church, who visited Bangladesh in July 2010.

This prayer is about the eldest son of the lady who runs the little tea shop, Rajia. We spent a lot of time with this family. I spoke about her in my ‘sermon.’ Saddam took us to the garmet factory and showed us what he was learning and doing.  Saddam is in the center of the picture, right next to Chris Webb.

Greetings from St. Andrew’s Seminary, Bangladesh

One of the goals of the FPC Strategic Plan is to love our neighbor as self by intentionally finding and sustaining ways that we can engage as a community in God’s mission in the world, both locally and internationally. Specifically, to engage in ways that connect us – person-to-person, neighbor-to-neighbor – as we participate in this mission.

As part of our Action Plan, the Outreach Ministry is working to strengthen the relationships with our Outreach Partners, finding ways to connect person-to-person. During Holy Week, Jerry Shetler, Sarah Cooper Searight, and Frank Dodson sent greetings to our partners in the Church of Bangladesh on behalf of the congregation. Below is a return greeting from Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Principal, St. Andrew’s Theological College.

St. Andrews Theological College is a seminary for the Church of Bangladesh. Each year they train 40+ students to work with churches and Christian organizations in Bangladesh. Funds from a 2011 D. Thomason grant were used to establish a computer lab for the students so that they could connect to the internet and become more aware of what is happening around the world. You can learn more about the Computer Lab here: St. Andrew’s Computer Lab.

We will be in communication throughout the year with Les and Cindy Morgan and our partners in Bangladesh as we continue to strengthen our outreach relationships.  We will post those communications on this blog.

To, Frank Dodson,

The Moderator of the Outreach Ministry,

First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport, USA.

Respected Moderator,

Holy Week Greetings to you and to all. I am extremely glad to have a mail from you. It has encouraged and blessed us to walk in faith and to glorify Him. In our journey when we hear that faithful friends are with us then it is a blessings indeed and encouraging. Thank you for remembering us when we are no one to remember as we have nothing to share with you all except our love and prayer with you all.

We are glad you have sent people like Dr. Les and Dr. Cindy who are not only missionaries for the people of Bangladesh but they are more than that and that they have proved through their lives and their simple life style. We do glad to God for them. And waiting for them to meet soon in near future. Also requesting please do send some more friends to be with us when they are free. We are looking forward to meet some new friends.

Please convey our regards and greetings to all the members of First Presbyterian Church who are praying for us and helped us. We are keeping your church and the Rev .Dr. Jerold into God’s loving hand and believe that He will bless you all and heal Rev. Jerold for His glory.

Now I like to inform you that now our students have started a basic short course on Computer programs and also they have started an online English learning course introduced by Mrs. Sarah Hall a missionary from CMS.

Now they have started communicating through email, which is a great opportunity for them to communicate and for information.

And in near future 12 more students will use the lab for another online course offered by London Open University.

So, I am glad that you were kind enough to help us to access the opportunity. Thank you once again for your grant. Now we are continuing to use our lab and hope in future it will open many other ways of learning for our students. And believe that you will keep us in your prayer and support us with your presence in us.

May be in future there will be a change and a new principal from Malaysia will come to take over the responsibility. So, I am not sure  when it is going to take place but I believe that you will know it. So, please keep me and my family in your prayer so that wherever we are we can work for Him.

With prayer and best regards-

Rev. Shourabh Pholia.

St. Andrew’s Theological College Computer Lab

First Presbyterian is blessed to have members who have remembered the church through life-time gifts and in their will, and have enabled us to amplify our witness to the Good News of the gospel by reaching out to our neighbors in need. D. Thomason is one member in particular whose gifts have enabled us to give almost $5 million away in the past 25 years.  On Sunday March 10, 2013 the First Presbyterian Church Shreveport distributed the 2013 D. Thomason Grants.

Over the next few weeks we will profile the organizations that are receiving grants in 2013. One of the recipients from 2011 was St. Andrews Theological College, a seminary for the Church of Bangladesh. Each year they train 40+ students to work with churches and Christian organizations in Bangladesh. Funds from a D. Thomason grant were used to establish a computer lab for the students so that they could connect to the internet and become more aware of what is happening around the world.

Below is an excerpt of a report that Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Principal of St. Andrew’s Theological College sent to update us on the seminary computer lab. 

We are happy to inform you that on 17th December 2012 our Moderator and Bishop of Dhaka Diocese Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker inaugurated the Computer Lab. We are glad that Synod Education coordinator Mrs. Jenet Sarker, CMS  Missionary Mrs. Sarah Hall, Rev. Biliom Sarder were present on the occasion along with our staff and students. Bishop Paul S. Sarker opened the ribbon and prayed for the best use of it. He also thanked PCUSA and D. Thomason Grant Committee to help us to have this opportunity. We all are glad to Dr. Leslie and Dr. Cynthia Morgans who always kind to us and think for the betterment of our college. We are glad indeed to them for everything they do for us.


It is a milestone for the St. Andrew’s Theological College as we have got a Computer Lab for our students where they can access computers with internet facilities. … different doors have opened to start short online courses like English course (Offered by British Council and will be organized by Mrs. Sarah Hall one of our English teacher from Mennonite Church) and Development course (Offered by Open University London and will be Organized by Mr. Apurba Roy, Anglican Alliance). COB Computer2

The grant we received from the D. Thomason Grant Committee, First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport, Louisiana, was used to renovate a space for the computer unit. And we have installed three air conditioners which we have fixed at the computer lab and at our library building. We have purchased 6 computers for students use and have set up one computer as server along with two printer for student’s use. We have installed the internet facilities at our computer lab and have given responsibilities to an expert to train our students and staff. We have purchased a laptop for our staff to use it with multimedia. Mr. Henry Gain has started basic computer training for our students and staffs to equip them to use computers and internet.

COB Computer3

Bangladesh Potluck & Program

A Bangladesh Program with Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan will take place this Wednesday, January 23rd. Bring your favorite potluck dish to the dining room/gym at 5:30pm, and we will begin eating around 5:45. Our missionaries will then tell us more about their work in Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries. Bangladesh-themed children’s activities will take place simultaneously, and youth are encouraged to attend the program with their parents. Invite your friends and family, and we hope to see you there!


What’s the difference between the Christmas Joy and Christmas Eve Offerings?

The Christmas Joy Offering will be collected December 23rd and will be shared equally by the Assistance Program of the PC(USA) Board of Pensions, which provides critical assistance to current and former Presbyterian church workers and their families, and Presbyterian-affiliated racial ethnic schools and colleges, which empower students to develop their gifts and find their callings.

Our Christmas Eve Offering normally goes towards the mission work of Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan in Bangladesh; however, this year, they have asked that the offering go towards the education ministries of the Church of Bangladesh. The gift would support church-run primary schools for the poor in areas of Bangladesh where the government schools do not meet the children’s basic educational needs. Our pilgrims visited one of these schools while in Bangladesh the summer of 2011.

Bangladesh2 Bangladesh

A Prayer for Bangladesh

19 November 2012

Gracious God, we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in the remote village of Hudrapur in northwest Bangladesh, who last year professed their faith in your Son Jesus Christ, received baptism into your church, and established their own congregation.  They gather for worship in a ten-by-twenty-foot bamboo hut with a straw mat covering the dirt floor.  Not owning land, many of them, both men and women, work for low wages as daily laborers planting and harvesting rice by hand in the surrounding fields.  Lord, having opened your loving arms to these new believers, pour upon them now the abundance of your grace, that they may live life abundantly, to the glory of your holy name.  Amen.


Written by Dr. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Mission Co-Workers / Bangladesh
————From Les and Cindy:  Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 20) we will depart Bangladesh for a six-month itineration assignment in the United States.  Although we will not be writing Prayers for Bangladesh during this period, we look forward to resuming this ministry in June 2013. We are deeply grateful for your joining with us in praying for the people of Bangladesh. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

A Prayer for Bangladesh

24 September 2012

Almighty God, we pray for Reverend Monindro Baidya and his congregants at St. Peter’s Church in the town of Barisal in southern Bangladesh.  In response to a religiously offensive film produced in the U.S.,  a group of Muslim fundamentalists last week violently protested in front of St. Peter’s and other Protestant as well as Catholic churches in the area.  They hurled bricks at the churches, thus prompting the police to baton charge the group to break up the demonstration.  Lord, you alone know the depth of psychological and spiritual trauma caused by such events, and we ask for your protection, comfort and care of our brothers and sisters in Barisal.  Lead your servants in the paths of righteousness and strengthen them in the ways of peace, in the name of Christ we pray.  Amen.                                                                                                                                       ———————————————–

Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan,                                                            Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Mission Co-Workers / Bangladesh

A Prayer for Bangladesh

September 3, 2012

God of all tenderness, we pray for 10-year-old Mousumi, who spends her days helping her widowed mother collect trash to sell to recyclers.  Although just this year Mousumi began attending school for a couple of hours each day, for the past six weeks she has been bedridden at home, gravely ill, with debilitating chills, fever and loss of appetite.  Finally diagnosed with typhoid fever, she is receiving daily injections that consume all the money her mother earns each day.  Lord, look upon this fragile child bearing the weight of the world’s injustice which denies children access to education and affordable, effective health care.  Lift from Mousumi’s tired and emaciated shoulders this yoke that is too heavy for her to continue to bear.  We pray in the name of Jesus, who lovingly welcomes children into his arms.  Amen.                                                                                                                —————————————————–

Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan,  Presbyterian Church (USA) Mission Co-Workers in Bangladesh

A Prayer for Bangladesh

20 August 2012

God of mercy, we pray for Polly, a young woman, severely mentally handicapped, who, in a dirty dress, sits every day on the bare sidewalk of a congested road on the south end of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Other than being able to state her name, she cannot communicate with any of the hundreds of pedestrians who pass by her each day.  Some give her money, which she clutches in her hand for her mother to collect at the end of the day.  Lord, you who clothe in splendor the flowers of the field, look now upon Polly, lift her up from the street, and adorn her with dignity and grace.  We pray in the name of Jesus, who came so that all may have life, and have it abundantly.  Amen.                                              ——————————————————-

Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan,                                                           Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Mission Co-Workers / Bangladesh